Loss/damage apparent upon receipt

Examine the goods immediately upon delivery. In the event of apparent damage or shortage, please make a reservation on the Delivery Note stating nature and cause of loss or damage.

In case of apparent loss/damage always make a reservation on the Delivery Note/Consignment Note.

This reservation must subsequently be supported by a written claim by letter, fax or  e-mail.

Loss/damage not apparent upon receipt

When delivery is made by container, please immediately examine if locks and seals are intact.

If the container has been damaged, or seals are broken or missing this has to be noted on the Delivery Note.

Shortly hereafter the contents of the container must be checked. If the goods are damaged a written notice stating the cause and extend of loss or damage must be given to the carrier.

If the loss/damage was not apparent at the time of delivery a written notice must be given to the carrier within the below mentioned time limits:

Truck/rail:                7 days from delivery.
Vessel:                     3 days from delivery.
Air:                        14 days from delivery.

Burden of proof

If the above mentioned time-limits is exceeded it can be difficult for consignee to prove that the loss/damage has occurred during the period of insurance whilst in the custody of the carrier.

It is also pertinent to give notice within the time-limits in order to secure recourse against the carrier and by such action to minimize the net claim.

If the consignee fails to comply with the time-limits, the burden of proof shall be adopted by the Insured.

Duty of the Insured

If the loss or damage may result in a claim under the insurance it is the duty of the insured to take any necessary measures in order to limit the claim.
In case of damage exceeding DKK 10.000 please give immediate notice to First Marine Insurance A/S in order for us to arrange for a survey of the damaged goods.
Damage to refrigerated and frozen goods must be reported immediately regardless of the damaged amount.

Notice of claims outside of Denmark must be given to our local surveyor. Detailed contact information about our surveyors world wide can be found on our website – www.firstmarine.dk under “Marine Cargo Insurance” and “International Surveyors”.

Relevant Claim Documentation to be send to First Marine Insurance A/S

1.        Invoice
2.        Bill of Lading, CMR-Waybill, AWB
3.        Survey Report
4.        Freight Invoice
5.        Correspondence with carrier regarding the claim
6.        Original Insurance Certificate
7.        Photos